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Introducing "The Clock" – your all-in-one companion for seamless time management. From its sleek interface to customizable themes and a bedside clock with various captivating designs, wake up and manage your day with style.

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Designed for simplicity

The Clock features a reliable alarm clock with extreme functions. It is designed to create, edit and remove multiple alarms in the easiest way. It can be used to wake up in the morning or setup reminders or TODOs for your tasks.

  • Lightweight
  • User Friendly Interface
  • All-In-One
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Outstanding Features

Never Late for Work

The Clock is more than a simple alarm clock! For every alarm created, you are able to set an exact alarm time or an exact duration as a sleeping goal. You are able to set your alarm title, snooze options and repeating days for recurring events.


The Clock has a stunning interface with easy-to-use features


With our advanced algorithm, The Clock offers the most reliable alarm clock and timing function.


The Clock offers an advanced sensitivity down to 1/100 of a second

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The clock is the best alarm clock app ever created.

One app for all

Embrace the ultimate convenience of an all-in-one time management

Seamlessly combining an alarm clock, timer, stopwatch, and world clock functionalities, this app is your comprehensive companion for a streamlined day. From waking up refreshed to keeping track of global time zones, from managing multiple tasks with precision timers to personalizing your wake-up experience, "The Clock" simplifies your life in one user-friendly package. Say goodbye to cluttered app screens and hello to effortless time management – all in the palm of your hand.

Great Alarm Features

Our smart alarm clock offers options such as setting a ringtone or choosing one of your favorite songs or favorite music from your music library. You can also set your favorite radio station online and use it as radio alarm clock.

  • Volume Crescendo
  • Loud Alarm Tones
  • Math Challenges
  • Vibration
Stunning themes

Immerse yourself in a world of aesthetic delight

The Clock's captivating app themes are designed to reflect your personal style. Choose from an array of visually pleasing options, each curated to transform your time management experience into a visually appealing journey. And for those who prefer a more comfortable viewing experience, our dark mode themes seamlessly blend elegance with functionality.

Beautiful Sounds!

Elevate your wake-up experience with a symphony of choices through "The Clock's" diverse alarm sound options. Select from an array of ringtones, set your own MP3 music as the morning anthem, or even wake up to the rhythms of online radio stations. Feel the warmth of nostalgia or the beat of the latest hits – the choice is yours. And for heavy sleepers seeking an invigorating jolt, our built-in loud sounds are designed to rouse even the deepest slumber. With "The Clock," your mornings will never be the same as you infuse them with the sounds that resonate with you.

  • Ringtones
  • MP3s
  • Music Box
  • Loud Tones
  • Online Radio
Use it on your Home-Screen

Captivating widgets

Access the power of "The Clock" directly from your home screen, streamlining your daily tasks and ensuring you make the most of every moment. Simplify your routine and enjoy a seamless time management experience with our stylish and functional widgets.

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Great Reviews

With over millions of installations and consistently positive user reviews, our app has earned the trust and admiration of users worldwide. From its user-friendly interface to its innovative features, "The Clock" has transformed the way people approach their daily routines. Discover firsthand why so many have chosen to make their mornings and tasks more efficient, more stylish, and more enjoyable with "The Clock."


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Breaking down language barriers

Available in 35 Languages

"The Clock" speaks your language – quite literally. With localization in 35 languages, including Spanish, French, Japanese, and Korean, our app ensures that users around the world can seamlessly navigate and enjoy its features. From setting alarms to managing timers, our user-friendly interface caters to diverse audiences, making time management a universal experience. No matter where you are or what language you speak, "The Clock" is here to enhance your daily routine.


Reliability Meets Functionality

"The Clock" stands out by functioning reliably even in do-not-disturb and airplane modes, ensuring you're never late for an important event. Join our community of over 3 million users who trust the app's unmatched performance.

Set an alarm time or sleep goal.
The Clock enables to set alarm volume increasing in a peaceful and progressive way (fade-in) to provide gentle wake-up experience. With Volume Crescendo, it increases alarm volume slowly instead of starting at maximum volume, thus avoids being startled with a strong sound while you are in a deep sleep with dreams.
In order to avoid disabling your alarm accidentally, you are able to set your alarm clock to ask math challenges to dismiss. You can even set the difficulty of questions (easy, medium, hard) and ready for the day with those brain teasers.
Alarm works even when screen is off, in silent mode or headphones plugged in.
Feeling drowsy and need a short sleep to reboot your brain? The Clock offers a Nap Alarm Widget on your home screen with an easy interface to set an exact duration for your afternoon siesta. Wake up in time and never late for work.
Simplify Your Time Management


Say goodbye to scattered schedules and hello to efficient time management. With features designed to meet your every need, "The Clock" ensures your daily routine runs smoothly, giving you more time to focus on what matters most.

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